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Caroline Araujo Pinheiro da Costa


Hello! I'm Caroline, a woman passionate about promoting positive change in the world. My journey is guided by the mission of defending land rights, ecofeminism, social justice and respect for the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples. With a degree in Social Communication and Journalism, I immersed myself in projects related to human rights and cultural and community development, before expanding my field of activity to areas such as conscious parenting, yoga, meditation and herbalism.


Education and Experience

  • Journalism: I graduated as a communicator from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing in Brazil, seeking to give voice to social and environmental issues. In Canada, I received my Associate of Arts degree from Okanagan College.

  • Doula: As a certified doula, I have the honor of accompanying mothers on their birth and postpartum journey, offering emotional and physical support.

  • Yoga and Meditation Instructor: My practice as a yoga and meditation instructor is an extension of my search for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, combining ancestral knowledge with contemporary approaches.

  • Medicinal Plant Circles Facilitator: My work with power plants is a way to honor the traditions of the original people of Abya Yala and offer a safe space for spiritual reconnection within the postmodern context.

Philosophy and Approach:

I believe in a trauma-informed approach and harm reduction as pathways to regenerating relationships and building a sustainable future on Earth. As a Latina living outside of my birth land, I understand the importance of positionality and understanding intersectionality in every service offered. My work is based on promoting social justice, valuing cultural diversity and promoting a worldview that respects all forms of life.

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