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Caroline Araujo Pinheiro da Costa

Journalist, Doula and Herbalist

Caroline is a professional committed to social justice, the rights of indigenous peoples and the preservation of cultural complexity. With a degree in journalism and experience in communication and human rights, she is also a doula, yoga instructor and cocoa ceremony facilitator. Her work is culturally safe and focused on physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, with a trauma-centered approach and the regeneration of relationships for a sustainable future. Passionate about free writing and poetic thinking, Caroline expresses her worldview rooted in the worldview of the people of Abya Yala.



In the book "The Last Inca of Huaraz", an extensive interview in Spanish and translated into English reveals the life of a Yachak (medicine man), Cristian, whose answers transcend the invisible borders of the questions, offering readers an intimate view of his trajectory . Documenting Cristian's life is a tribute to the Inca, Huari and Chavín peoples, who maintained their ancestral traditions and practices despite colonization and Western technology. This work, created with patience, honor, and respect, provides readers with the opportunity to decolonize their minds while exploring indigenous embodied wisdom.

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